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Thesaurus Payroll Course

Thesaurus Payroll Course

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Payroll Courses - Manual & Computerised (using Thesaurus) - 2 Day Course

Day One

Day one the trainer focuses Manual payroll and will cover all of the key steps you will need to effectively process the payroll for your business. Areas covered on day one include but are not limited to employment contract legislation, such as working hours, overtime and the minimum wage. Tax Credits and Universal Charge Certificate (Form P2C) and how to use this form to calculate an employee’s tax liability, completing pay records and understanding the P45. The tutor will also show you how to review the purpose of Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contributions and how to calculate these as well as look at the purpose of the P35 annual return and the different forms which are included. Day one will also help you prepare for Revenues PAYE modernisation but will also be covered in day two of the course.

Day Two
Day two focuses on Thesaurus Computerised Payroll and the lessons include but are not limited to getting started using Thesaurus Payroll. The tutor will show you how to set up company information and employee details, how to set up hourly rates and payments to process payment and produce associated reports. You will see how highly practical and easy to use Thesaurus payroll computerised is and you will have the opportunity to carry out extensive ‘real life’ consolidation exercises to ensure you fully understand the processes involved. this course will also help you prepare for Revenues PAYE modernisation.
Throughout the two days, there are lots of exercises for you practice with, so as you can build on your skills and competencies for figures and develop your knowledge of Thesaurus Payroll. The tutor will help you in every way to prepare for producing your own company payroll.


The aim of this two-day payroll training course is to provide you with the necessary skills, competencies and knowledge to enable you to manage your own in-house payroll and allow you to process various reports at month end including P30’s, P45’s and produce payslips and help you prepare for PAYE modernisation.

Client Profile

Thesaurus payroll training is ideally suited to start-up companies, micro businesses any small to medium-sized business who have staff wages to process. A basic knowledge of bookkeeping is preferable but a knowledge of computers such as using the keyboard, mouse etc is necessary especially for day two. The course is provided by one of the leading training providers in Tipperary who is based in TCEC on the LIT Campus Thurles which is only an hour from most major towns or cities such as Limerick and Clonmel.
It is also recommended that each client would have access to a computer system where Thesaurus Payroll software is available to maximise learning post training.

Thesaurus Approved Trainer

2upskill work with Island Computers & Training who are qualified to deliver Thesaurus and BrightPay Payroll and are approved by Sage Ireland as their preferred training partner in the popular Sage Accounts Software. Island & Sage have partnered in providing certified training courses in their accounts & payroll software Sage Line 50 series and Sage Quickpay. Island provide training in all versions of the software and is an approved SAGE testing centre allowing clients to certify their skills to a recognised level. Courses delivered across nearby counties such as Kilkenny, Limerick, Clare, Laois and Offaly.
Island Computer and Training will issue a Certificate that you have completed a Thesaurus or BrightPay Payroll course.