Performance Appraisals Training

Performance Appraisals Training

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Target audience

Anyone that will be involved in performance management initiatives will benefit from this Performance Appraisal training course. This performance appraisal training course will enable you to effectively participate within performance appraisals. And, will help you to develop a better understanding of performance appraisals. In particular, you will better understand the key reasons on why companies use performance appraisals and the steps that are required for these initiatives to be successful.

Course overview

The following topics are covered in the performance appraisals training course.

Why Have Performance Appraisals – The course starts by exploring the reasons why companies use performance appraisals.

Effective Performance Appraisal Procedure – The course then outlines the overall benefits of appraisals. The role that both managers and employees play in this process. The crucial importance of strong communication skills.

Understanding The Actual Performance Appraisal – Develop a clear understanding of various appraisal areas available. And, focus attention on preparation and writing the appraisal. Then explore what would be seen as “Do & Don’ts” of performance appraisals. This will then allow you to understand the nature of goals and self-esteem.

Structuring The Appraisal – The final section explores the best way to engage staff within performance appraisals so as to ensure that the process has been organized correctly and covers the appraisal discussion. It also discusses the area of forming and disagreement. And, the need to manage criticism and feedback.

Course objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

– Identify obstacles to performance appraisal skills.

– Describe the nature of the performance appraisals.

– Outline a range of techniques.

– Use these techniques.

– Explain the benefits of having a performance appraisal.

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