Management Skills For New Managers

Management Skills For New Managers

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Target audience

Management skills for new managers are one of the most important courses to have in business, regardless of sector or company size. This is because the decisions and actions of new managers are also influenced by a wide range of factors.

These management skills for new managers training course has been designed to improve the skills of new managers.

Course overview

The following areas are covered within this course:

What is an organization – The course begins by looking at what is management. This section will explore key concepts like division of labour and span of control. Then, explore aspects such as configuration, hierarchy, and structure.

Management theories – This section explores key management theories. In this section, we will explore scientific management and classical theories. Then, explore the Hawthorne Studies. And, what is known as Human Relations theory.

Behaviour – This section highlights systems and contingency. We will also look at the functions and role of management.

The new manager – The course ends by exploring the impact of change on organizations. Next, your staff will learn about 20th V’s 21st Century Companies. And, then conclude by discussing high-performance teams.

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