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Management Training Courses Online

Management Training Courses Online

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Have you always wanted to advance your management skills and knowledge, but time has restricted you from doing so. That is the case with 1000s of people like you who due to work commitments, lack of time, money or other reasons why you are unable to attend day or evening courses.

2upskill may have the solutions to meet your needs, in 2019 the opportunity to take management skills courses online are now made affordable and practical for you.

Management courses are designed to improve performance management, delivering constructive feedback and managing staff effectively. One of the key areas to pay attention to when studying a management course would be the Functions of Management and here is a sample video showing you some of the key functions of management.

Business Management: Functions of Management - sample video

Another important lesson to add to your management training course online would be Coaching Performance: Business, Not Personal and here is a sample video showing you some of the content in this lesson.

Coaching Performance: Business, Not Personal - sample video

No management course would be complete without learning how to lead effective teams and here is a sample video showing you some of the content in this lesson.

Leading Effective Teams - sample video 

The following online course lessons are available to you Critical Thinking (12 lessons), Mentoring for Success (22 lessons), Strategic Execution for Managers (15 lessons), Management Essentials (58 lessons), Managing Change (30 lessons), The procedures of Successful Managers (60 lessons), Business Management (94 lessons), Small Business Management (86 lessons). You can add extra lessons onto your management skills training online course as the lessons are designed to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to improve your  management performance.

How does it Work?

It is very simple to get started, all you need to do is pay online, and a member of staff will then call you at a time that suits so as to determing your training needs. You will then be registered on the system with access of your choice which can be limited to a particular course or unlimited assess to all of the courses available on the system. It is recommended to go for the limited access as it will keep you focused on one course at a time.

How long does access last for?

You will have access to the learning management system for 12 months from the date you start learning.

Who Provides the Courses?

The courses are produced by KnowledgeCity and provided to you through 2upskill. Their courses are written by college professors and industry experts. They add new courses to their library every month, so you will always have fresh content to add to your LMS. Their engaging courses combine animations and interactive elements in microlearning lessons designed to deliver just-in-time knowledge your team can use right now!

Do I receive a Certificate of Competence?

Once you complete each section of the online course, you will be prompted to complete an online assessment. When you reach 80% competence you can download your Certificate with you name and date of completion.

Certificate of Competence

What are the next steps?

Touch base with our office 00353 504 49155 and get started right away or pay your fee and we will give you access as soon as we agree what courses you want to study from over 13,000 video courses.