Leadership & Delegation

Leadership & Delegation

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Target audience

Anyone involved in leadership roles as part of their position will benefit from this leadership and delegation training course

The leadership course is specifically designed to build delegation skills at all levels within the workplace e.g., managers, team leaders, supervisors and front line staff.

This leadership and delegation training course will improve participants’ delegation skills. And, they will help focus on the relationship between leadership and delegation.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the leadership and delegation training course.

What is leadership – The course begins by looking at what is delegation. In this section we will explore the relationship between leadership & delegation skills. Next, examine the benefits of delegation to the leader. And, also the difference between delegation skills and control.

Leadership theories – This section explores different leadership theories. And, begins by exploring the qualities or traits approach. In this section we will look at personality traits and the functional or group approach.

Functions & responsibilities of leadership – This section highlights the concept of action centred leadership. The section outlines task, team and individual functions. End the section learning about leadership categories and styles.

The relationship between leadership and delegation skills – This section focuses on path goal theory, accountability and authority.

What can be delegated – In this section staff will learn about what tasks should be delegated. And, what tasks shouldn’t be delegated. Highlight why managers don’t delegate. And, share why managers should delegate and when to delegate.

Delegation process – The course concludes with a sample delegation process that participants can easily apply to any situation.

Course objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

– Explain the relationship between leadership and delegation.

– Discuss the main approaches to leadership.

– Identify three important key terms (e.g., Accountability, Authority, Responsibility).

– Delegate more.

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