GDPR & the Rights of Data Subjects

GDPR & the Rights of Data Subjects

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What does GDPR Stand for?

The word GDPR stands for general data protection regulation. The data protection act 2018 which came into force on 25th May that year. All businesses large and small are obliged to have their data protection policy in place aswell as have completed GDPR training. 

Who Should Attend GDPR training?

This information session (GDPR course) is suitable for staff members or business owners, charities, sports organisations or any organisation handling information relating to employees, suppliers, clients, volunteers, or board members (called processing data) as it is the obligation of all organizations small and large to ensure everyone involved in the role of handling peoples (data subjects) information are aware of their responsibilities regarding the processing and storing of peoples information.

Outline of the Course

  • What can go wrong - this part of the course gives the participants a chance to see what can go wrong in their business as it will be a basis for the day's session
  • In the News - this part of the session will give participants a chance to look at the data protection breaches and companies that are breaking GDPR rules
  • Purpose and application of GDPR - this part of the course we will look at GDPR and the data protection act and what it means to you
  • Types of personal data - this is where we will look at what is and is not GDPR personal data
  • GDPR principles - this is where we get into data protection compliance and what you need to have in place to ensure compliance with EU regulation
  • Conditions of processing data - the data protection commission has put rules in place so as you will know what to do in order to comply with the data protection act
  • Our eight rights - GDPR 2018 states that all data subjects have eight rights and concent is one of those rights
  • Children - in this session we will briefly discuss the rights children have under GDPR law
  • Keeping data secure - this is getting close to the end of the day and an appropriate time to outline what is required to ensure data subjects data is kept secure and compliant with data protection regulations
  • Scenarios - here we will give participants the chance to test their learning throughout the day by working on case studies and apply GDPR rules
GDPR Brocure

GDPR Eight Rights of Data Subject

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