Consumer Law Ready approved Trainers are provided with specialist training and, on certification, are equipped and authorised to provide consumer law training courses for SMEs in their local areas.

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Next course date: Spring 2023

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About the Project

Consumer Law Ready is an EU-wide consumer law education programme for SMEs. The Consumer Law Ready programme equips Consumer Experts like you with the knowledge and added skills to train SMEs in all aspects of consumer law. It also equips retailers with the necessary knowledge to ensure they are compliant with consumer law.

Delivered via Zoom - (Required to Attend Class)

  • Computer with a camera and microphone
  • Internet access
  • A quiet space in their home or office
  • A printer for printing modules (optional)

Questions That Will be Answered:

What is EU consumer law? Can I exclude or limit the application of consumer law? Is everyone who buys from me a consumer? What happens in case of transactions with dual purposes? What is a consumer contract? What are pre-contractual information requirements? Are any consumer contracts exempted from the pre-contractual information requirements laid down by Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights?  Which pre-contractual information requirements apply to consumer contracts concluded in my shop ("on premises contract")?   Which information requirements apply to consumer contracts concluded at a distance or outside your business premises? How do you have to present pre-contractual and contractual information? In what language does this pre-contractual and contractual information need to be presented? In case of contracts negotiated outside of business premises, is it sufficient that I tell the consumer orally all these pieces of information? Do I need to present this pre-contractual and contractual information in different manners, depending on who are my target consumers? Cross-border sales: what happens when I offer my products or services to consumers outside my country? When a dispute occurs in relation to a cross border contract, what court is competent? What are the consequences if I do not provide the pre-contractual information requirements?

All of the above questions and lots more will be answered.

If you have any specific questions you will have the opportunity of having them answered by experts from the consumer law ready project.

Who Should Attend & Why?

Training Providers, Legal Experts and Traders should attend this fully funded training course.

Consumer Law is a European project. If you are in retail, trading from a retail store, online selling, own an online store, thinking of opening an online store or looking to become an approved consumer law trainer this course is for you.

You will get a certificate of competence as a retailer and a certificate of approval as a consumer law trainer on completion of this course.

Who Manages the Project?

The project is called Consumer Law Ready The project partners are BEUC the European Consumer Organisation, SMEunited, formally known as UEAPME is the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe, and Eurochambres the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

More information:

fact sheet consumer law regulation

Delivery Methodology?

The course is highly interactive and is delivered via Zoom.

You will get all five consumer law modules to use a a reference guide on the key areas that apply to your business.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this virtual course participants will be able to:

  • Outline the key pieces of information required by law that traders must make available to consumers 
  • Describe how the information can and cannot be presented
  • Discuss what the law requires traders to do if a consumer wants to withdraw from the contract and return goods purchased online or at a distance
  • Describe the information consumers need to have access to when they want to return goods purchased from the trader online or at a distance
  • Outline the exceptions that exist in consumer law regarding the right of withdrawal 
  • Outline the consequences to the trader if the consumer is not informed of their rights
  • Describe consumers rights and guarantees when they do business with a trader, in the shop, online or at a distance
  • Discuss the difference between a legal guarantee and a warranty (guarantee) and how consumers need to be informed of their rights
  • Outline the consequences to the trader if the consumer is not informed of the legal guarantee
  • Discuss what unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms are and the consequences that apply by law
  • Outline what ADR and ODR mean and how they can be of benefit to traders and consumers if a dispute cannot be resolved

Modules include:

  • Pre-contractual requirements,
  • Consumer right of withdrawal
  • Consumer rights and guarantees in case of non-conforming products
  • Alternative dispute resolutions and online dispute resolution,
  • Unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms.


Complete the assessment that has been designed by the project partners. You can download a certificate in Consumer Law, accredited by the European Commission. The assessment is online. Approved trainers will also receive a certificate of approval.

Next Course Date

Spring 2023


Consumer Law Ready  Approved Lead Trainer Ireland


Charlie Mernagh is National Lead Trainer for the Irish Consumer Law Ready project.


The Right of Withdrawal - Module 2

Unfair Commercial Practices - Module 4

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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