Consumer Law Regulation for Business Owners

Consumer Law Regulation for Business Owners

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Overview Of Project

The project is called Consumer Law Ready The project partners are BEUC the European Consumer Organisation, SMEunited, formally known as UEAPME is the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe, and Eurochambres the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Consumer Law is in place to protect consumers rights across the European Union.

This project is designed by consumer law legal experts and approved by the European Commission and the European Union.

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What is an unfair commercial practice?

Under the Directive on Unfair business-to-consumer Commercial Practices, a commercial practice is any act, omission, behaviour or representation, commercial communication (as advertising) by a trader which may affect the consumer’s economic decision to buy or not to buy a product or to use or not to use a service.

The CCPC The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has a wide range of remedies available to it, including the issuing of compliance notices, fixed payment notices, prohibition orders, undertakings and finally prosecution. 4

Legal Guarantees

Can I exclude the application of the rules on consumer rights and guarantees?

The rules on consumer rights and guarantees in the case of products that do not conform are binding and their application can never be excluded by the contractual parties.

This applies in particular to the legal guarantee that can never be excluded or limited.

The statutory legal guarantee period throughout the EU is 2 years, however, Ireland has extended this to a 6 year period for both new and second-hand items. 3

Who Should Attend?

If you are a startup, micro, small or medium-sized business, or you are an advisor to SMEs, then this course is for you?

If you sell goods or services to a consumer online or via other means of distance communication (by telephone, mail order), outside a shop (from a door-to-door salesperson) or as a sole trader/Ltd company on your own premises then this course is for you. If you work for an SME and want to learn more about consumer law then this is the course for you also. If you advise SMEs or are a service provider to SMEs then this course is also for you.

Business Owners can now avail of consumer rights training where you will have the opportunity of learning about the consumer protection act and how it applies to their business

What is Covered in the Course?

There are five modules covering consumer rights and what traders SME responsibilities are. The key outcomes from the course are what businesses are obliged to have in place to comply with the customer rights act.

Module 1 covers 8 key information items that you have to clearly present to the consumers before they conclude any sale or service contract with you. You will also learn how you have to present them and what happens if you don’t respect the legal requirements. Module 2, 3, 4, 5 covers much more.

What Do You Get?

You will get a certificate in Consumer Law, accredited by the European Commission. Link to Sample Certificate

Next Course

To be confirmed soon. 

Consumer Law Ready  Approved Local Trainer

Charlie Mernagh 





Charlie Mernagh is approved to deliver consumer law ready project.

Modules include:

  • Pre-contractual requirements,
  • Consumer right of withdrawal
  • Consumer rights and guarantees in case of non-conforming products
  • Alternative dispute resolutions and online dispute resolution,
  • Unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms.

The participants can log online once the course is finished and successfully completing an assessment will get a recognized certificate of competence. 

The Right of Withdrawal - Module 2

Unfair Commercial Practices - Module 4

cancellation policy

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ECC Ireland

Online Dispute Resolution