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EU & Irish Consumer Law for Business Owners

EU & Irish Consumer Law for Business Owners

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European and Irish Consumer Law is there to protect European and Irish consumers. The competition and consumer protection commission (CCPC) state that  Irish consumer protection law, which is based on a mix of Irish and European legislation, has evolved as a distinct area of law that concentrates on the general protection and promotion of those rights and interests.

The Consumer Protection Act requires traders to be transparent and places a wide range of responsibilities on traders. The CPA defines a trader as a person who is acting for purposes related to the person’s trade, business or profession, or a person acting on behalf of a trader.

Business Owners are invited you to attend a local Consumer Law training event in Tallagh County Dublin specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses. The training course is in Tallagh on 24th July 2019. Venue to be decided.

Consumer Law Ready  Approved Local Trainer

Charlie Mernagh 





Charlie Mernagh who is approved to deliver consumer law ready covers in detail the essential EU Consumer Law Regulations that apply to all business owners and staff trading in Ireland or across member states of the European Union.

Modules include:

  • Pre-contractual requirements,
  • Consumer right of withdrawal
  • Consumer rights and guarantees in case of non-conforming products
  • Alternative dispute resolutions and online dispute resolution,
  • Unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms.

This project has been developed with small and medium sized businesses in mind.

The Right of Withdrawal - Module 2

Unfair Commercial Practices - Module 4

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ECC Ireland

Online Dispute Resolution