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Career Coaching

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Miriam Durack

Miriam Durack - Career Coaching Specialist

A highly experienced and efficient career coach working with clients across the public and private sector for over twenty years.  Miriam is a professional CV writer and Career Coach and will help you improve your interview skills.

If you want help with a CV or professional career coaching services for CV building, how to write a cover letter, interview tips, making a career change or interview preparation then call 0504 49155 and book your appointment

Gain a Competative Advantage

Gain Competitive Advantage Slides (Jobs Expo Cork 2018)

Curriculum Vitae

Jobs are getting more and more difficuly to secure. CV writing is a specialist service provided by 2upskill training and coaching.

Career coaching and CV Writing services are based in Thurles Co Tipperary, our clients can be accommodated virtually through Zoom, Google Meet or whatsapp. Miriam will also show you how to write a cv cover letter.

Free cv Template Download

CV Template 

CV Template

Writing an Award Winning CV

Writing an Award Winning CV

Interview Coaching

A job interview is possibly one of the most nerve wrecking experiences any person could go through and especially if you really want the job. An interview is the means for weeding out candidates for a particular job, so it is meant to be daunting. Interview coaching is your way of overcoming the difficulties and key interview skills can be mastered.

Interview skills training is delivered by Miriam Durack has helped numerous clients across both the public and private sector with their interview preparation. Her interview coaching includes practice sessions where she will be the interviewer conducting the job interview. She has a vast portfolio of typical job interview questions such as but not limited to, nursing interview questions, sales interview questions, hr interview questions, interview questions for managers, teacher interview questions and much more.

 She will take the most likely interview questions to use in the interview coaching session. Preparation will normally include a competency-based interview and the most common interview questions asked by the interviewer.

 Miriam will also take you through some typical behavioural interview questions asked at the job interview.

Interview Approach

Interview Approach 

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