Bullying & Harassment Training

Bullying & Harassment Training

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CPD Accredited CPD Accredited

Target Audience

This training course covers the sensitive and important issue of bullying & harassment and is intended for all employees. The consequences of not training your employees on this subject could be extremely damaging to your organization. This training course will help develop awareness and understanding of bullying and harassment for your employees.

Course Overview

What is Bullying & Harassment? – Identifying the legal definition as well as what it means to the participants

What Actions Constitute Bullying & Harassment? – Reviewing several case studies and interpreting whether the actions might constitute bullying and/or harassment. Also looking at the methods used and actions which could be interpreted as bullying and harassment

Is it Strong Management or Bullying? – Understanding the need to be cautious in our management approach as well as providing specific advice on how to ensure actions are not viewed as bullying

The Impacts of Bullying & Harassment – Discussing the impact of bullying on the victim, the accused and the organization. As well as the likely impact of false allegations

Manager Guidelines and Individual Responsibilities – Providing specific advice for managers and individuals to ensure that they foster an environment that discourages bullying and harassment

The Law Regarding Bullying & Harassment – Focusing on the legal aspects of harassment and how cases are brought against individuals and organizations

Handling Allegations of Bullying & Harassment – Six key actions to ensure that participants handle allegations in the correct manner. These will support any policies and procedures already in place

Dealing with Bullying & Harassment Scenarios – An examination of several case studies and the preferred actions to take in each case. This will help participants appreciate how to deal with cases from different perspectives i.e. if they are harassed if they feel others are etc.

Course Objectives

At the end of this bullying and harassment training course you will be able to:

  • Highlight the importance of an environment where everyone feels safe from bullying & harassment
  • Discuss how bullying & harassment is viewed in the eyes of the law
  • Identify different methods that are used to bully and harass
  • Understand your role in ensuring that bullying & harassment is eliminated
  • Demonstrate how to deal with cases of bullying & harassment


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