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Improving Communication Skills

While many salespeople enjoy talking to people, they may not possess well-rounded communication skills. Sales training should help to foster key skills such as listening to gain an understanding of what the prospect truly wants and needs, as well as the art of asking the right questions during the presentation. Training should also involve learning how to effectively communicate with all types of personalities and diverse populations.

Sales Management two day course

Call Reluctance and Prospecting

Many sales people, especially those new to sales, often take it personally when a prospect says ‘NO’ and fail to persist with their prospecting efforts while others turn prospecting into stalking not knowing how to engage a prospect effectively. Either way, these people are failing to favourably and persistently position themselves with prospects thus limiting their sales opportunities even further.

In sales there is a fine line between persistence and stalking a prospect. Did you know:

  • Over 50% of sales people give up at 1st contact if they get a ‘NO’ from the prospect, never to go back to that prospect again.
  • At the 5th contact 7% of sales people are left to speak with the prospect to see if they can do business together.
  • At the 8th contact there is only one sales person left to work with the prospect. Hopefully it is you.
  • So why do these figures persist? What were the successful sales people doing that the others are not? How do you capture the attention of your prospects and determine whether or not they want to engage with you and how often should you be making contact?

Sales Training will help you and your team overcome this.

One day Telesales Training Course

Customer loyalty

Sales training improves the person-to-person connection which is required to gain loyal customers. According to a recent study, 71% of people base their buying decisions on trust and credibility. It is indispensable that salespeople thoroughly understand their potential customers’ wants and needs and at the same time also efficiently communicate the benefits of the products and services their company offers. This will make the product/service look appealing to the audience and build that necessary loyalty. Therefore, look for sales training courses that will enable your staff to have better interaction with clients so that the purchase occurs in a win-win situation, allowing the client to walk away feeling understood.

Lack of Investing in Your Salesforce is Costly

Some companies have it all wrong. They invest heavily in product development, marketing, and recruitment, but not in their current salesforce… especially when times are tough. Yet that cost cutting hurts topline and bottom line. Harvard Business Review found that the companies who invested in their people came out 9% higher than their competitors after the most recent recession.

Frontline Retail Selling Skills (2 days)

Practical Sales Skills Training (2 days)

What to Do Next

Not sure which solution is best for you? We can build you a bespoke sales training programme that can include blended learning, coaching, online training and workshops – whatever will work best for your team! We’ll make sure the training is aligned to your organisational values and priorities.

To discuss your sales training programme complete contact form, or call us on 00353 504 49155.

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