Customer Service

Customer service is the act of taking care of customers needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful high quality service and assistance, before, during and after the customers requirements are met.

But how is it done?

How do you ensure it's consistent across your business? What are the benefits of delivering great customer service?

A business can never place too much emphysis on it's customers. The customer is the foundation of any business success.
Module One - About the course
Module Two - What is customer service
Module Three - The goals of great customer service

Course Content

Module Four - Discovering & understanding customer needs
Module Eight - Non-verbal communication and body language 
Module Nine - Dealing with customer complaints 
Module Five - Delivering maximum levels of customer service 
Module Six - Making customers feel great from the start 
Module Seven - Communication skills 

Duration 75 minutes, note this is based on the amount of video content showing and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions.

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Course Description

This course will start by making it very clear exactly what we mean by customer service and why it is so vital. It then goes into great detail about the goals of great customer service, communication skills both verbal and non-verbal, discovering and understanding customer needs and much more.
Benefits of Excellent Customer Service

Successful businesses tend to provide a high level of customer service which results in a high level of customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers lead to more sales from their own repeat business and from new customers generated by their recommendations.

Improving the quality of customer service through training leads to an increase in customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. 


The research shows which qualities make a star performer and while emotional intelligence isnt the sole predictor or performance potential, it has been proven to be the key indicator in this area.