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Business - Online Courses

The core components of business administration are available to you right here, right now. You may be interested in hotel management or hospitality or possibility business management then get your free trial below in leadership skills selling skills, performance management, customer service, entrepreneurship, human resource management, information technology and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) development. Cyber Security or GDPR may also be areas of concern and you need upskilling, get your free trial now.

See the full list of business courses available to you below.

CPD Approved Social Media & Compliance - Online Courses

Facebook for Business 
Online Course

Facebook for Business - Online Course This course will look in detail at the use of Facebook as part of your marketing activity.Free Trial

Social Media for Business
Online Course

Social Media for Business - Online Course Looking at business strategy, business development and the practicalities of employing people and agencies to support your social media activity.Free Trial

Search Engine Optimisation
Online Course

Search Engine Optimisation  For Business - Online Course Here we'll explore search engine optimisation 'SEO' and how you can use this to drive traffic to your websiteFree Trial

LinkedIn for Business
Online Course

LinkedIn for Business - Online Course It's used for finding the best point of contact, gaining familiarity with their background before a call or sales pitch and a lot more. Find out how it can be used to enhance your business.Free Trial

Twitter for Business
Online Course

Twitter for Business - Online Course This courses will look in detail at the use of Twitter as part of your marketing activity.Free Trial

Introducing GDPR
Online Course

Introducing GDPR - Online Course  It explains the roles of key players and covers the main categories of personal data and the lawful basis for data processing.Free Trial

CPD Approved Management & HR - Online Courses

Project Management
Online Course

Project Management - Online CourseThis course covers the basic principles of project management and covers some of the tools and techniques you can employ to improve your project management skills. Free Trial

Performance Management
Online Course

The Principles of Performance Management - Online CourseIn formal terms, performance management involves the achievement of performance targets through the effective management of people and the environment in which they operate Free Trial

Leadership Skills
Online Course

Leadership Skills - Online Course This course will introduce you to some of the import techniques and theories that can help you to improve your leadership skills and be more effective in your role.Free Trial

Managing Meetings
Online Course

Managing Meetings - Online Course The course starts with some basic definitions and statistics that outline how important running meetings effectively can be.Free Trial

Conflict Resolution
Online Course

Conflict Resolution - Online Course It covers the stages of conflict and contains several extensive modules that outline conflict resolution techniques.Free Trial

Employee Relations
Online Course

Developing Good Employee Relations - Online Course It explains how to build confidence in management, by sharing the company vision, building strong teams and listening to feedback. It examines how a proactive HR presence benefits employee relations.Free Trial

Disciplinary Procedures
Online Course

Disciplinary Procedures - Online Course This course covers the aims of the disciplinary procedure, penalties including investigations, allegations and suspensions, procedures for carrying out hearings, and appeals.Free Trial

Effective Delegation
Online Course

Effective Delegation - Online Course It then goes into details about the elements of delegation, overcoming the barriers to delegation, how you can choose which tasks to delegate and who to, the process of delegation and much moreFree Trial

Online Course

Negotiation - Online Course This course covers the basics of what constitutes a negotiation, the key stages of a negotiation, skills you can apply to your negotiations and some practical advice so you can bring all of this together and become a more effective negotiator.Free Trial

Objective Setting
Online Course

Objective Setting - Online Course It covers the importance of goals and objectives and why we need them, the barriers to you achieving your objectives and how to overcome them, what SMART objectives are and how to write and identify them and concludes with some tips for successful objective setting.Free Trial

Equality & Discrimination
Online Course

Equality, Diversity and Discrimination - Online CourseIn this course we're going to be discussing two topics, 'equality' and diversity' and how they relate to one another. Understanding this will help us to identify and address issues of unfairness and discrimination in the workplace. Free Trial

Sexual Harassment
Online Course

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Online Course It addresses how allegations should be handled, explains the importance of having clear and robust policies and the role line managers tend to take when it comes to dealing with these situations.Free Trial

Stress Management
Online Course

Stress Management - Online Course This course will cover an introduction to stress and why it's a problem, some of the causes of stress and some ways to minimise the risk of stress.Free Trial

Anti Bullying
Online Course

Anti Harassment and Bullying - Online CourseIt explains the differences between harassment and bullying, the steps that can be taken if either of these occur in or out of work, and some case studies to illustrate the points covered throughout the course. Free Trial

Customer Service
Online Course

Customer Service - Online Course This course will start by making it very clear exactly what we mean by customer service, and why it's so vital and then go into detail about some of the ways you can improve the customer service provided by your organisationFree Trial

Presentation Skills
Online Course

Presentation Skills - Online Course This course covers the common mistakes people make when preparing for and giving a presentation so you can avoid these, as well as going over good practice and providing some practical advice that you can put to good use the next time you have a big presentation to make.Free Trial

CPD Approved Sales and Hospitality Training - Online Courses

Sales Skills
Online Course

Sales Skills - Online Course The course starts with the basic rules for sales people. It covers cold calling, how to deal with gatekeepers and takes you through a typical face-to-face meeting. It then discusses how you can sell by stressing the results prospects can expect if they buy, and how best to play to their emotions. Free Trial

Time Management
Online Course

Time Management - Online Course This course has been designed to ensure you have the techniques to improve your efficiency, output and ability to function more effectively - whether in your ordinary day or when deadlines loom and the pressure is building.Free Trial

Developing Teamwork
Online Course

Developing Teamwork - Online CourseThis course will start by explaining in detail what team working is and cover some of the basic principles for putting together a group of people who will work well together. It then goes on to cover conflict within teams, explaining some of the reasons conflict occurs and some strategies for managing conflict. Free Trial

Emotional Intelligence
Online Course

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence - Online Course Free Trial

Alcohol Personal Licence Holder
Online Course
Approved by Laser Awards & CPD

Alcohol Personal Licence Holder Online Course This course is intended to provide you with the knowledge you need to complete the test to become a personal licence holder. It covers all the major topics relating to UK licensing law, responsibilities and penalties for breaching these.Free Trial

Licensed Premises Staff Training
Online Course
Approved by CPD

Licensed Premises Staff Training Online Course Approved by CPDFree Trial

CPD Approved Workplace Compliance - Online Training

Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Online Course

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Online CourseThis course examines bribery and the legislation, measures and procedures that can uncover, control and reduce the impact of this criminal activity. Free Trial

Anti-Money Laundering
Online Course

Anti-Money Laundering Online CourseThis course covers the essential facts about money-laundering, along with the relevant legal aspects and how companies can set up systems and policies to detect and deal with what is a major criminal problem, worldwide. Free Trial

Cyber Security
Online Course

Cyber Security Online Course Employees, managers and directors should all have a good understanding of the threat posed by cyber-attacks and the importance of guarding against data breaches. This short course will explain why cyber attacks and data breaches happen and provide practical advice on how to set up effective defences.Free Trial

Bulk Credit or Unlimited Usage Subscriptions

Bulk credit gives you the opportunity to predict how much training you will need and to make appropriate purchases, upfront. In return, you will be rewarded with lower prices and a more flexible solution giving you unlimited access to your full suite of courses while you are in credit.

You can also have unlimited use of your own online training courses, based on paying a monthly subscription. The amount you pay is determined by how many employees you have. It makes budgeting much easier and gives you peace of mind, knowing that all your training needs are covered with just one fixed monthly payment.

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