Reception and Frontline Office Skills QQI/FETAC Level 5

This course is an excellent starting point for people wishing to pursue careers as receptionists/clerical officers.Ideal for someone who would like to become a receptionist and people wishing to hone their Receptionist Skills.

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Necessary Receptionist Skills

Is this course for you?
This course is for anyone who is interested in working as a receptionist or the first point of contact with clients in an organisation. Participants will gain tips on how to create a professional yet personable image at all times, strong communication skills, and the ability to handle difficult situations.
This Receptionist Skills Course Covers all aspects of the role, from answering the telephone to dealing with visitors, this course is also suitable for anyone who works in a “front office” situation and wants a recognised qualification.
Have you got great people skills, patience and be able to multi-task?
Then this QQI Level 5 Reception and Front Line Office Skills course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to work as a frontline representative of any organisation. It also gives you an overview of how to effectively operate a reception area to the highest of standards. 
You will have an Internationally recognised qualification to add value to your excellent skillset to take with you wherever you travel in the world.

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Delivered in TCEC, LIT Campus, Thurles

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Though sometimes taken for granted, receptionists occupy a key and trusted role within any company.

To be successful as a Receptionist, you should have a pleasant personality, as this is also a customer service role. You should also be able to deal with emergencies in a timely and effective manner while streamlining office operations.

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this course participants will be able to:
Examine the skills, functions and responsibilities of a receptionist/front line office representative within an organisation.
Outline the products, services, key policies, structures and personnel of an organisation.
Explore the range of network and telecommunications equipment used and explain telephone communication terms.
Outline aspects of relevant Health & Safety legislation pertaining to working within a reception context.
Identify the process for the flow of information to and from an organisation and sources of reference/information and how to obtain information from pertinent resources.
Plan a reception layout and describe and operate a range of office equipment in the reception area.
Apply a range of communication skills including personal, interpersonal and technological proficiencies.
Produce relevant reception material, present a range of documents and process travel expenses.
Respond quickly in pressurized reception related circumstances and maintain composure when dealing with complaints.
Display a professional approach to receiving visitors.
Apply a range of general administrative skills within the reception and/or front office context.