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All businesses large and small come under the new GDPR law. It is recommended to attend an information session to at least know what steps are required. GDPR training sessions are delivered by one of the leading training providers based on TCEC on the LIT Campus, Thurles Co Tipperary which is close to all major cities like Limerick, Cork, Kilkenny and major towns like Clonmel, Cahir, Portlaoise, Nenagh and Roscrea.

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(Data Protection) GDPR Information Sessions

GDPR Data Protection

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What the GDPR says

 The law states that every organisation from a small one person operation to a large multinational are responsible for ensuring that they have procedures in place for informing and protection data subjects data (information) so as to ensure there is a written record outlining procedures aswell as a checking system to ensure processes are followed. The question every business need to ask, can the data subject be identified from the information (data) held by you the business whether you have a one-person operation or are in charge of a large multinational.
What must you do?
As stated above you are required by law to demonstrate that you have followed the twelve steps outlined by the Data Commission and show both in writing and action that you are compliant with GDPR.
Whatever information (data) you are holding it is your duty to be able to describe in writing following the principles outlined by GDPR and follow in practice what you have put in writing. The information could be about clients, staff, suppliers and if they can be identified from the information you have a duty to protect the data.
The ideal first step os to attend a GDPR training course so as to ensure you are taking the correct steps.
Sanctions if you do not meet the GDPR
If you do not comply you are liable for a fine of 4% of your annual turnover or as high as €20m.


This information session (GDPR course) is suitable for staff members or business owners, charities, sports organisations or any organisation handling information relating to employees, suppliers, clients, volunteers, or board members (called processing data) as it is the obligation of all organisations small and large to ensure everyone involved in the role of handling peoples (data subjects) information are aware of their responsibilities regarding the processing and storing of peoples information.

A quote from the data protection commission 19th June 2018 

How do you as a data controller ensure compliance with the law?

You must make yourself aware of your data protection responsibilities, in particular, to process personal data fairly. You should ensure that your staff are made aware of their responsibilities through appropriate induction training with refresher training as necessary and the availability of an internal data protection policy that is relevant to the personal data held by you.

Link to the data protection commission website

About the Trainer

Charlie Mernagh has been delivering GDPR courses across Munster such as Killarney, Cork, Tipperary and parts of Leinster such as Arklow and other counties, and has over 30 years experience working in the financial services where compliance was very strict and rules were enforced to ensure data was protected and kept very secure. Workshops delivered across nearby counties such as Kilkenny, Limerick, Clare, Laois and Offaly.

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What Do Clients Say?
A big thank to Charlie for delivering a GDPR course tailored specifically to the needs of Research Matters. Your professionalism and knowledge of GDPR means we know exactly what we need to be compliant with these regulations.
Dr Sinead Hanafin
Research Matters
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