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Pre-contractual Information Required for Traders (SMEs)

Pre-contractual information requirements

European Consumer Law consists of various sets of rules which apply to traders across the European Union whether they are selling products or services to the consumer (end user)

The question asked by a number of traders who sell goods or services to the consumer is "Can I exclude or limit the application of Consumer Law"

The clear answer is nobody can exclude or limit the application of Consumer Law.

There are a number of pre-contractual information requirements that apply to all traders when concluding a contract with a consumer (customer) in their shop which is called on premised contract.

Some information required would be the main characteristics of the goods or services you offer to the consumer so as they are fully informed.

You must also provide your identities, such as your trading name, the geographical address where you are established and your company's telephone number. 

There are eight key information items required for on-premises contracts that traders must provide for consumers.

If you trade online or at a distance (off-premises contracts such as the consumer's office or home) you need to provide additional information in addition to those required for on-premises contracts such as email address, right to withdraw and other important pieces of pre-contractual information.

The ConsumerLaw Ready project is a European-wide project managed by BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation) in a consortium with UEAPME (the Voice of SMEs in Europe) and Eurochambres (the association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry). It is funded by the European Union with the support of the European Parliament and the European Commission. The objective of the project is to assist you in complying with the requirements of EU consumer law.

You can find more information on the Consumer Law Ready Project by logging onto www.consumerlawready.eu and you can also register for a local workshop through this website.

Charlie Mernagh

Consumer Law Ready Approved Trainer