The Mark of the Organisation Having the Right Mental Attitude

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In this article we are going to talk about the mark of the organisation, evaluate some of the traits and exchange ideas on the concepts.

Right Mental Attitude

People with the right mental attitude

  • Believe in the aim high concept
  • Believe that every adversity carries with it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit for those who look for it
  • Look for one reason why something does work rather than many reasons why it may not work
  • Search for the positives in people
  • Are good finders rather than fault finders
  • Believe in the concept of sharing and helping
  • Look to the future and take from the past the key principles that work

Aim High

When you aim for more than what is the minimum required target you are more likely to achieve or exceed the target you originally set out to achieve once you firmly believe in the aim high target you are going for. This requires a bit more commitment and dedication but will be well worth the effort. It is stepping outside your comfort zone.


When I was a young sales representative, I was trained to use self-motivators when I was dealing with rejection and as a sales manager, I trained my sales team on those exact same self-motivators.

One of the self-motivators used was "Every Adversity has an equivalent or greater benefit" followed by the action statement DO IT NOW. This self-motivator took my mind off the rejection and got me focused on the next call as the rejection was just a step closer to the yes answer I was going to get anyway.

Focus on Solutions - not the Problem

I read a statement written by an excellent Motivator W Clement Stone who states the following "You have a problem - that’s good" and that statement followed up by another statement "I now need two solutions" That is the way to stay positive at all times and not get bogged down with the actual problem, at the problem is there and needs to be replaced by at least one solution. The key here is how you focus your thoughts.

Search for Positive People

The key message here is to surround yourself with likeminded people who are there to provide solutions and not compounding the problems. My mother always ensured when I was a young boy that she informed me about the people not to associate with, at the time I was not so attentive. But years later when I went into sales and business that advice became very relevant.

Be a Good Finder

This is so important when you are a team lead, supervisor or manager. Every person no matter who that person is has good traits and it is our job as managers to find those and develop them so as the person reporting to you works to their strengths not their weaknesses. When you drill down into this statement it makes so much sense. (A great sports manager will not put their best striker in goal!!!)

Sharing & Helping

I learned a statement many years ago which went as follows "That which you share will multiply and that which you withhold with diminish". This statement is what excellent management is built on as it states that a manager’s role is to pass on the knowledge and skills they process onto their staff through mentoring and coaching. It could be called multiplying yourself through others.

Look to the Future

We have full control over the present and can plan for the future, but what do we do about the past? The past is the space we learn from by analysing what went well and what we can improve on. Having a clear goal and mapping out action plans to achieve that goal is key to anyone’s success. Do not repeat the same mistakes over and over again, if we engage in the same activities all of the time, we will end up getting the same results and will not make progress.


Take a step back and reflect by asking yourself the burning question...Do you have the right mental attitude for developing people’s careers, and do you actively ensure you affect people’s lives in a positive way each and every day. Finally, whose lives did you affect in a positive way yesterday, and whose lives will you have a positive effect on today?

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