10 Steps to Better Public Speaking

Posted by Charlie Mernagh on

  1. Make sure you have a beginning, middle and an end to your speech, using words with a visual impact
  2. To grab your audience's attention in the first minute, begin with a story, humour or a question
  3. Every five to seven minutes in your speech, back up your facts with stories or examples.
  4. End your speech with strength, ask a question, quote someone, tell a story-leave them laughing
  5. Practice your speech out loud
  6. Work on your voice range as you practice, speak from your diaphragm, using a range of highs and lows
  7. Practice pausing before and after important points
  8. Use direct eye contact
  9. Don't just stand behind the lectern, move around, gesture (55% of how people perceive you is by body language, 38% by your voice quality, 7% from your words)
  10. Smile, comment on what you are saying with enthusiasm...have fun

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