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Everything you need to know about motivating yourself

  • What Successful People Do When Faced with the Fear of Failure


    Now is the time to memorise these self-motivators. Here is an example: Let’s say you decide to make 20 prospecting calls, but you are hesitant, timid or even hesitant to start. If you have repeated these self-motivators frequently enough, day by day so that they become part of you, you will find that like a flash of inspiration your sub-conscious mind will picture in your conscious mind

    • Success is achieved by those who try and keep on trying…DO IT NOW
    • When there is nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful – By all means try…DO IT NOW
    • When the going gets tough, the tough get going…DO IT NOW
    And if you develop the habit always to act on any constructive idea in response to DO IT NOW (Which self-motivator we term a self-starter), you will immediately make those prospecting calls.