Increase Your Success Rate with a Definiteness of Purpose

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Increase Your Success Rate with a Definiteness of Purpose

Let me start this article by defining success according to the oxford dictionary and following that by using the acronym S.U.C.C.E.S.S and give you the formula for success.

“Successful as defined in the oxford dictionary: - Accomplishing a desired aim or result or Having achieved fame, wealth, or social status.”


I will now share with you my formula for success regardless of what your goal may be and it fits into a number of Napoleon Hills 17 Success Principles.

Stay focused

Understand your limitations

Consult with your mastermind alliance

Create a clear plan

Enthusiasm for your end goal

Strong desire to achieve your goal

Support from your team

Failure is not an option

United effort

Live your vision

One of the key principles for success according to Napoleon Hill is definiteness of purpose and Hill would have put it down as the number one principle for success. However, his lifelong friend W Clement Stone would have put a positive mental attitude up there as number one.

On this occasion I will focus on the principle definiteness of purpose.

Definiteness of Purpose

“Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, insisted that a personal purpose statement (or, as he called it, a definite chief aim) created a firm foundation of success.”

Knowing what you want to achieve and what price you are willing to pay is the absolute key to success. A good starting point to setting a clear goal is to write it down and outline clearly what you want to achieve, for example you want to but a car…and your statement reads like this.

I want to buy a car? Or I want a new car? Or I a buying a car?

Have a clear vision

The statements above do not make a clear statement such as

  • What make of car?
  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • What colour is the car?
  • What will you use to car for?
  • When will you purchase the car?
  • Will it be second hand or new?

Lots of questions that were not answered in the original statements. Back in the 1980s I worked with a man who was changing his car and he discussed it in detail with his then sales manager. Following the conversation, he went straight to the garage he had planned doing business with later when he was ready to change his car. He got a brochure of the car he had planned on buying and that brochure had the make, model, colour, price aswell as all the details he needed to make an informed decision when he was ready to purchase the car of his dreams.

He carried the brochure with him and reviewed it regularly, this action built up his desire and he was able to visualise himself in procession of his desired goal.

The same principle applies to achieving riches, wealth in life and to assist you in putting the principle definiteness of purpose to work for you Napoleon Hill has prepared the following method for bringing clarity to your purpose.

Make a clear statement

Hill provides this method for conditioning your subconscious:

  1. The amount of money I desire, and I deserve in this life is __________ .
  2. In return for this money, I will devote myself and my life’s work to __________.
  3. I will have the aforementioned amount of money in my possession on this day __________.
  4. This is the plan that I am putting into action immediately to acquire this money __________.
  5. Make a promise to yourself that combines these statements.


To achieve success in whatever endeavour you set out to achieve, be clear about what you want and what it is you are willing to do in order to make that goal a reality. I would like to finish on some statement or as W Clement Stone called self-motivators. They are excellent statements to use when doubt sets in once you act on the statement.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going...DO IT NOW. Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit…DO IT NOW. For every no answer, I am getting closer to a yes answer…DO IT NOW (This is a great self-motivator if you are in sales.


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