Developing Team Spirit & Commitment

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Developing and maintaining team spirit is something you have to continuously work at.

It starts with you the manager, business owner. You must have the desire to win and want to compete at the top level. Then you must develop the same desire and commitment from your senior team and get them supporting the department and overall company goals.

Flag to rally around

Every department/company needs a flag to rally around. It needs to be an aim high goal that excites you and the senior team, but it is also believable and achievable.

The best goals are those that you can promote throughout the year because you will get more mileage from those, such as so many sales in a week, month, qtr etc.

When you have decided on your department/company goals you then must try and sell them to your senior team, sometimes you will make a sale and sometimes you won't.

The best method to adapt to get commitment is a group decision.


  1. Decide on your goal
  2. Call a meeting with your senior team
  3. Discuss possible goals that excite the group
  4. Be enthusiastic about the goals, lead the conversation in the direction you would like them to agree. When the goals are decided as a group, the senior team will feel involved in the decision making.
    1. Your goals become their goals and you are more likely to get the commitment your require.

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