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If this was just about training staff it would be very boring, I have learned over the last thirty-six years training employees on the art of salesmanship that it is motivation, confidence in the company and self-confidence are the three necessary ingredients for success. The big thing learned from staff training is that it isn't just the training that makes the difference it is the motivation and self-confidence that makes the overall difference. Motivated and confident staff generate unreal results as a result of the confidence they gain from the company investing and believing in them and that in turn increases their motivation and self-confidence.
About Charlie Mernagh and how he approaches the training
Charlie Mernagh started his career in Insurance sales almost forty years ago and spent over thirty-six of those years training staff which included salespeople and sales managers. The lessons learned from training staff that the training on its own is wasted unless it transferred to the workplace. If you learn computer skills in a classroom and never use the skills after then the training is wasted and the same goes for sales training.
Here is an example of how Charlie approaches the training
On day one of the classroom training Charlie will assign each staff member with a username and password where they will start the online course immediately after day one is completed. On day two Charlie will ask each staff member to produce their certificates from the course they completed online (To get the certificate the staff member must score at least 80% to get their certificate of competence). This ensures the staff member is continuously learning new skills applicable to their role which in turn will guarantee transfer to the workplace will happen. The line manager also plays a key role in ensuring the transfer as s/he will have access to the back end of the online courses. Once the classroom training is completed the staff will continue their online learning until the twelve months licence has expired. There are over 12,000 videos to choose from and that is why it is not recommended to just give the staff access without supervision.
Sample Overview of the Online Courses
This is a small sample of some of the online training courses available in this category. The course is typically delivered over six days, one day per month in the classroom. The rest of the time is spent online consolidating the learning that took place in class which ensures a higher rate of implementation back in the workplace.
Handling Customer Complaints: It’s never fun to deal with difficult customers, but in the realm of customer service, you are bound to run into someone who is not happy for one reason or another. This course will show you how to handle customer complaints. By the end of this course, you will know how to address customer issues as well as the importance of building customer relationships. Each lesson includes helpful tips that you can utilize to improve your customer service skills.
Sales Management: A key aspect of business management skills lies in a leader's ability to motivate their staff.  This course not only explores motivational techniques but also provides advanced methods to empower salespeople within your organization. Additionally, this course teaches the importance of meeting your goals and how to make an impact on the market. Also, you'll learn more about the sales process, client relations, brand imaging, and prospecting. 
Professional Selling: This online employee training course covers the basic fundamentals of selling. Some of the concepts covered within the course include the characteristics of a great salesperson and how to gauge buyer personality. Additionally, explore details concerning the selling cycle and closing process, enabling you to improve your closing rates. Not only will you close more sales by course's end, you'll also close sales more efficiently than ever.
Strategic Sales for Account Managers: Professional sales once employed a "one size fits all" mentality to their approaches for attracting customers. Today, many experts alter their sales approach strategically to target specific customers. This online training course focuses on the significance of strategic sales as it relates to accounting management. Best of all, this course allows you to learn business skills online, at your convenience.
Consumer Behavior: Identifying consumer patterns persists as one of the top skills an effective marketer can possess. This course will not only teach you why consumers behave the way they do but also explore the post-purchase process. Learn about the marketing mix, internal and external influences, and how consumers make decisions. Finally, this course explores concepts pertaining to where businesses can work to develop strong customer relationships.
Time Management: Managing your time remains an important resource for both personal and professional use. Armed with effective time management skills, achieving success becomes far easier. Increasing productivity remains at the heart of time management. The use of organizational strategies, such as time logs, can help add hours back to your day. This online video training course teaches how to recognize and avoid certain time wasters that eat away at your productivity. 
Marketing Strategies: Changes in the marketing world occur rapidly. This training course introduces the core concepts of marketing including strategy, ethical and legal concerns, the marketing mix, and more. Additionally, this course also begins to explore the vast world of online marketing. This course gives you the opportunity to examine marketing from multiple perspectives, providing a comprehensive view of the industry. Attain a more complete understanding of the marketing process in this online learning platform.
The Art of Negotiation: In nearly every aspect of life, understanding how to negotiate successfully remains a key skill to master. When it comes to important business skills, the art of negotiation sits somewhere near the peak. This business skills training course explores the multiple factors that affect negotiations. Additionally, this course delves into the steps of the negotiation process and proven tactics for success.

Tip For the Day 
Always have just one or two goals you’re focusing on

The key to success in selling, have a sales process and continually develop your skills.  Our tailored training is delivered online and from 1 to 1 to equip you with tried-and-tested skills.

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