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The key to the success of any department or company is the ongoing training provided to staff members. Training is not just about improving skills and competencies, but it goes much deeper than that as it is much more about motivation and increasing confidence of staff members in the company they represent and themselves and their ability to do the job they are tasked to do on behalf of the company.
Why would you want outside help?
Charlie Mernagh has over thirty-six years of experience is training staff and more importantly improving staff performance through focused training. The little thing that makes the big difference is the blend of hands-on and online training. You as the client will sit with Charlie and between you decide where the gaps are and what approach works best as the outcome of improved performance what we as your training provider want from the time we spend with your staff.
Our approach to improving performance?
Once a decision is made the course will look something like this as an example, Charlie will deliver module one and also on that day will assign each of your staff members a username and password to go online and start the first part of the online sessions selected from over 12,000 videos produced by experts in their particular field, such as examples you can read about below. Charlie will facilitate day two of the class based course and on that day will want to see the certificates achieved from each module studied online (staff members will need to get 80% of the answers correct to be able to qualify for a certificate of competence). Stage by stage the staff members will be assessed and once the classroom sessions are completed the staff members will continue on learning from the online courses until the twelve-month licence has expired. 
A very small sample of the video courses available
Group Communication -  Learn to Communicate Clearly and Effectively in Groups
Course Description: The ability to communicate effectively in a group remains a key business skill in most organizations. This course brings the discussion of the principles and methods of group communication to light. At the heart of the issue remains the topic of how to effectively utilize verbal and nonverbal methods to communicate in business groups. This group communications course also explores the concepts of group problem solving,  conflict resolution, and the role of leadership. 
Author: Sherri Petro Runtime: 3hrs. 27min. Lessons: 43
Excel 2013 Introduction - this is one of the 100s of computer courses available
Course Description: This course is designed for the Excel 2013 user who is completely new to Excel. Therefore, this course will describe and explain the user interface first. Then you will learn how to enter, edit, delete and format data in cells. You will learn how to work with a group (range) of cells in Excel, first to add values, then to edit the values, and finally to create charts and tables from these values. In addition, you will learn to add images for background, for headings and more.
Author: Valerie Chau Runtime: 5hrs. 25min. Lessons: 79

Sexual Harassment for Employees - this is one of the many safety courses available

Course Description: It doesn't matter if you are a male or a female, everyone can be sexually harassed in today's workplace. This is why it's important to know how to identify sexual harassment and what you can do to stop it. This course will show you what constitutes sexual harassment and how you can report it.
Author: KnowledgeCity Runtime: 0hrs. 11min. Lessons: 7

Emergency Planning - this is one of the many compliance courses available

Course Description: Emergency Planning enables organizations to address emergencies in a well-organized manner. Planning ahead enables organizations to act quickly and effectively to combat any problems that arise. The Emergency Action Plan is critical to the safety of all personnel in an organization. This course addresses planning, the threat of terrorism, employees roles, and emergency action drills.
Author: KnowledgeCity Runtime: 0hrs. 16min. Lessons: 7

Risk Management: Identifying Risks - this is one of the many finance courses available

Course Description: The first step in managing risk often lies in identifying it. By identifying events or issues early on, properly preparing for it becomes easier. Failure to identify risks leaves businesses vulnerable. This online employee training program gives employees all the tools to consider every possibility so as to aid in making the correct risk management decision. 

Author: Andrew Kovacs Runtime: 3hrs. 13min. Lessons: 31
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