Leadership - Online Course

Leadership - Online Course

Leadership is based on the art of motivating a group of people and transforming them into a determined team striving toward achieving a common goal. In a business setting, this can mean motivating workers and colleagues and forming a strategy to meet the company's needs

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A leader doesn't necessarly have to be a manager, but its difficult to see how a manager could be truly be effective without having at least some leadership skills.


Course Description

This course starts by introducing the basics of leadership and explores where the concept originated from. It then goes on to discuss various leadership theories, including situational leadership, contingency theories, transactional and transformational leadership and more. It then moves on to discuss developing teams including team members by looking at the role leaders play in this.


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  • Module 1 - Leadership and Management
  • Module 2 - Leadership Theories
  • Module 3 - Team Development & Leadership
  • Module 4 - Individuals within Teams
  • Module 5 - Communication One to One with Individuals
  • Module 6 - Moving Forward Together

Duration 90 minutes, note: this is based on the amount of video content shown as it is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions.


A strong leader will motivate their team, improving morale and efficiency to ensure that their team is of a common purpose.

CPD Approval means that this course can be used by those that need to prove that they are continuously developing themselves

ILM Certificate
 means that this course can provide learners with a recognised management quailfication

Online training is effective, efficient and cost effective meaning that learners can progress through the modules at their own pace

A leader doesn't necessarly have to be a manager, but its difficult to see how a manager could be truly be effective without having at least some leadership skills.


For those who want to add more qualifications to their cv our introduction to emotional intelligence is an excellent step up to the aspects of leadership and management.

For those specifically interested in developing resiliant teams the developing teamwork course expands on some of the key ideas and how they can be applied when developing teams.

For those new to management, managing meetings would be a great next step. Any of the business skills courses wouls also be invaluable.

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