Consumer Law READY for small business owners

WHY IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS? NUMBER 1 "Consumer Rights Directive" The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) came into force in 2014 and provides consumers with increased protection when they enter into on premises, off premises (doorstep sales) and distance contracts with traders based in Ireland and other EU countries.

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Know Your Customers Rights as a Business Owner

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21st February 2018

Consumer Law READY Class of February 2018


Front Row left to right, Eileen Murphy Setanta College, John M Kennedy Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre (LIT), Charlie Mernagh 2UpSkill Tutor, Chloe Williamson Setanta College, Mary Cantwell Electrical Generators & Pump Services Ltd. Back Row Left to Right, PJ Butler Thurles Hardware Ltd, Colm Fitzgibbon Stakelums Hardware Ltd, James O’Sullivan AV Star Systems, Joe Delaney Joe Delaney Lawnmowers, Emma Lacy Horan Automation & Consulting, Antoinette Connolly TQ Electrical Engineering, Kevin Smith Setanta College.

Is it Necessary to Attend?

Sanctions and Penalties (See summary for retailers & traders dealing with consumers - download). The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has a range of powers to ensure businesses comply with consumer protection directives. These are Prosecution, Compliance notices, Undertakings, Prohibition orders, Fixed payment notices. If found guilty of an offence, a seller will be liable to a fine of up to €5,000, or up to 12 months’ imprisonment, or both. (this is an extract from the summary above). The workshop will give you sufficient resources to update and be fully compliant where necessary.

Who Manages this Project Across the 28 Member States?

This project is a European-wide project managed by BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation) in a consortium with UEAPME (the Voice the small & medium enterprises in Europe) and Eurochambres (the association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry). It is supported by the European Parliament and the European Commission.

What is covered in the 1-day workshop?

The workshop covers how consumer protection directives apply to you and your business and a range of provisions that been introduced which businesses have to comply with such as legal guarantees, as well as an extended cooling off period, mandatory withdrawal form and much more? 

What happens once the workshop is finished?

You get a certificate of attendance on the day and by going online a certificate in Consumer Law, accredited by the European Commission by logging onto the EU Website, completing an online assessment and downloading your certificate of competence. You now have important knowledge of Consumer Law, which will help you to make your own business more compliant and consumer friendly. You have learned how to appropriately deal with customer complaints and refunds and much more.

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Workshop dates; Between 9am and 6pm 20th April 2018

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 Small Sample of Course Content

Sample of 5 Modules


Consumer Law Ready

Download Course Overview Consumer Law Ready

 Consumer Detriment Study Ireland 2014

(Competition & Consumer Protection Commission Ireland Report 2015)
  • Other Problems - 1%
  • Contract Terms and Conditions Issues - 3%
  • Cancellation Issues - 4%
  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues - 4%
  • Product/Service Delivery/Collection issues - 6%
  • Repair Issues - 6%
  • Deal/Voucher Website Issues -6%
  • Refund Issues -7%
  • Financial Product/Service Issues - 7%
  • False/Misleading/Incorrect Sales Issues - 13%
  • Cost/Pricing issues - 14%
  • Product or Service Fault/Defection - 58%
Full Report - CCPC Website

Download trader leaflet Trader Leaflet

Consumer Law Ready
European Commission ISMETCEC Thurles Chamber 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop you will be able to; Identity with the rules on pre-contractual information requirements. Recognise the rules on the consumer’s right to withdraw from a distance and off-premises contracts. Give examples of the remedies which traders must provide when they do not conform with the contract. Explain what unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms are. Give examples of alternative dispute resolution and the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform, an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court.