Problem Solving Techniques Online Course

The difficult problems in life always start off with simple problems and over time will evolve into larger problems if not addressed properly

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This problem solving online course will give you the necessary tools and ability to understand what the goal of the problem is and what rules could be applied represent the key to solving the problem.

Sometimes the problem requires some abstract thinking and coming up with a creative solution. Whatever techniques you feel comfortable with this problem solving online course will give you tried and tested tools for solving most day to day problems.

You can download your certificate on completion of the problem solving online course.

 Problem Solving

This is an excellent article from the University of Kent on problem-solving, it is worth a read

I would recommend the following books to read. "The Creative Problem Solver": 12 Smart Problem-Solving Tools to Solve Any Business Challenge10 Jul 2014 by Ian Atkinson

Using proven, innovative techniques from some major players in the business world, this is the go-to book for every professional who wants to find better answers to their business challenges.
From the Back Cover
What’s your problem?
Whatever it is, we can help you solve it. Every business faces problems, and yours is no exception. Using proven, innovative techniques from some major players in the business world, this is the go-to book for every professional who wants to find better answers to their business challenges. With it's 12 simple yet powerful tools, The Creative Problem Solver will arm you with all the skills you need to not only conquer your business conundrums but to take your thinking to an inspiring new level so you can create exciting, game-changing outcomes from the problems you face. Each problem-solving tool is practical, effective and clearly explained so you can quickly see it will help you to: Think differently – look beyond the obvious toward more creative, innovative approaches to solving your problem, Take action – move effortlessly and quickly through the problem-solving process, Reach a solution - discover outcomes and opportunities that work for you and your business.
I would also recommend your read,  How To Solve Problems and Make Brilliant Decisions Paperback – 6 Nov 2014 by Richard Hall  (Author)
Business thinking skills that really work
Better creative thinking leads to brilliant decision making and successful, innovative solutions to business problems. Using the proven practical skills, techniques and advice in this book, you will learn how to think better, faster and more productively, enabling you to shape, train and inspire your thinking to deliver more effective results.
·    Improve your critical analysis and thinking skills
·    Become confident in making better and more creative decisions
·    become faster and more effective at problem-solving
This book will enable you to become a calm, logical and well-argued decision maker with the ability to deliver better solutions and outstanding results - and win the accolade for your work – “well thought through, persuasively argued with a creative set of options. Well done.”
I would recommend this book for students or professionals who are interested in problem-solving, "Problem Solving: Perspectives from Cognition and Neuroscience" Paperback – 28 Nov 2016 by S. Ian Robertson (Author)
The way that we assess and overcome problems is an essential part of everyday life. Problem Solving provides a clear introduction to the underlying mental processes involved in solving problems. Drawing on research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience, it examines the methods and techniques used by both novices and experts in familiar and unfamiliar situations.
This edition has been comprehensively updated throughout, and now features cutting-edge content on creative problem solving, insight and neuroscience. Each chapter is written in an accessible way and contains a range of student-friendly features such as activities, chapter summaries and further reading. The book also provides clear examples of studies and approaches that help the reader fully understand important and complex concepts in greater detail.
Problem Solving fully engages the reader with the difficulties and methodologies associated with problem-solving. This book will be of great use to undergraduate students of cognitive psychology, education and neuroscience, as well as readers and professionals with an interest in problem-solving.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session you will be able to;

-Understanding of the need to deal with problems as they occur

-Know how to use systematic and effective problem solving techniques

-Outline the principles of problem solving

-Outline the techniques for defining the problem

-Identifying the problem

-Generating the solutions Implementing your solution