Presentation Skills Online Course

Feel confident, Act confident, Look Confident and be confident with online presentation skills training

Course Details

This practical presentation skills online course gives you the necessary actions to take in delivering perfect and professional presentations every time.

You can download your presentations skills certificate at the end of the presentations skills online course.

Professional Presentations

Watch our short video giving you some presentation skills tips

Learning Objectives

This short introductory course will address twenty four topics that will give you the learner an excellent comprehension of presentation skills with some exercises and quizzes to test your learning at the end of the course (80% pass)

1. The fear of presentations 

2. Qualities of an effective presenter

3. The importance of appearance

4. Your Attitude

5. Motivation and the audience

6. Good Eye Contact

7. How to ensure a confident manner

8. The projection of an interesting voice

9. Demonstration of knowledge

10. Planning a presentation

11. Preparing with the audience in mind

12. Structure your presentation

13. Communicate to convince

14. Setting a clear objective

15. Opening attention grabbers

16. Using Visual Aids

17. The trouble with visual aids

18. Tips for using visual aids

19. Presentation Style

20. Presentation Alternatives

21. Six steps in becoming an effective presenter

22. Session Review and Close