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These sales clinics are specifically for telephone and field sales agents who are relatively new to selling and need a clear process to follow so as to improve motivation and increase sales ratios.

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“Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible.” – Tony Robbins

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Who is this sales clinic Intended for?

The people who are selling the goods or services on behalf of your company, such as field or telephone salespeople or team members who want to develop an effective, comfortable sales process focused on identifying and addressing client issues in a way that generates new business for the company and in turn strengthen client relationships for sustainable success.

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Selling Steps Addressed

Prospect and qualify

Prospecting: This is normally the very first step in the sales process and is possibly the most important as it is the foundation your process is built on. If you do not know who to sell to then you will not sell. 
The process of searching for potential customers, clients, or buyers in order to develop new business is a skill every sales agent needs to master. The end goal once identified is to move prospects through the sales funnel until they eventually convert into revenue-generating customers.
This is where you do your homework and collect as much information as necessary before making contact with the prospect. This is another necessary skill all sales agents need to master.
It is an important phase of the sales procedure that involves gathering and analyzing all important information about the prospect before appealing a person in the selling process. 
The salesperson should try to find as much available information about the view and a person's needs as possible before communicating with the potential client. If the pre-approach process is not well-organized and corrected, the sales agent may face some problems.
Sales Approach
This is the stage when you are making contact with the prospect and if carefully structured it will follow the necessary steps to put your prospect at ease.
There's no one best sales approach. Your personality and background will set the foundation as to which type of sales technique is most effective for you. 
Even if you have a method that works well, it's a good idea to try different approaches every now and then. Trying new methods keeps you out of a rut, and you may be surprised by how well a new sales approach works for you. 
In actual fact, many of the top salespeople do very well by using a combination of approaches.
Sales Qualifying Questions
There are many sales qualifying questions asked every day and the key to success in this part of your process is to align the questions with the product or service you are selling. This takes careful planning and please remember if you ask the wrong questions don't expect a positive outcome.
Presenting Your Products or Services
This is the point where you present back to the prospect their problems with the solutions you can provide in order to ease their pain. This point of the process is often called features and benefits. Get this stage right and you are making great progress.
Overcoming Objections
This is where the prospect will ask questions or even put in an objection to your offer, the objection handling stage is a process all to itself and it needs to be carefully structured so as not to become pushy in your sales presentation. This is the point exceptional salespeople relish as it is often said that the sale starts at this point.
Closing the Sale
This is a great place to be in the sales process, as you have mastered all of the other steps, however, if you use the wrong closing technique you will lose the sale at this point. So be sure you have mastered at least two or three sales closing techniques as it isn't a one fits all close.
Follow Up
It is sad but true, but most salespeople once the sale is made move on and do not make any more contact with the new customer. This is where the relationship starts and it could be the beginning of a major contract. So don't be in the majority, follow up.
Why a Sales Clinic
The sales clinic will do what it says on the tin, 
Success Tip: Always present your product or service with fresh interest, energy, and enthusiasm.

Learning Objectives

There are several obvious and some not so obvious benefits.

At the end of this sales skills training course your participants will have the following benefits:

  • Best Practice – a formal structured sales process is a time-tested and proven sales best
  • practice Faster Ramp Up – new salespeople will ramp up more quickly when you can include your company’s sales process as part of their ramp up and orientation
  • Shorter Sales Cycle - a much lower ratio of no answers and a higher ratio of yes answers
  • The majority of sales people say they follow a structured sales process, but the reality is much different
  • This sales clinic will ensure your company has a process that can become the tried and tested company sales model
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I had the pleasure of working with Charlie in my last role for approx. 14 years. I would have worked closely to Charlie in terms of training for my region. Charlie would have developed and implemented training programs for my region at all levels, from new sales agents up to training of my future management team. Charlie also developed new training programs to suit new projects, specifically around needs based selling. Charlie was responsible for training many people who became very successful leaders in business thereafter. A fantastic team player always worked with great enthusiasm, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, an interactive hands on trainer who took pride in his results and always measured the results of his training, and based it on the performance of his trainees. Someone I would have always admired in a training capacity, and I personally benefited in my career from working close to Charlie. Would highly recommend Charlie based on his delivery method and quality of training. Exceptional trainer! Aisling Deegan Business Sales Manager at Vodafone