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Sage Quick Pay is one of the leading payroll software applications used in Irish businesses today for processing payroll and wages and producing various financial reports. These payroll training courses is delivered in Thurles and Nenagh through one of the leading training providers in Tipperary and only an hour from Limerick, Kilkenny and Kildare.

Course Details

Payroll Courses delivered in Tipperary and surrounding Counties
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Suitable for small businesses using Sage Payroll
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Payroll Courses- Manual & Computerised (Using SAGE) - 2 day course
Day 1
The Manual payroll training course will cover all of the key payroll sections you will need to learn so as you can effectively process a business payroll. Areas covered include employment contract legislation, such as working hours, overtime and the minimum wage. Tax Credits and Universal Charge Certificate (Form P2C) and how to use this form to calculate an employee’s tax liability, completing pay records and understanding the P45. You’ll also review the purpose of Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contributions and how to calculate these as well as look at the purpose of the P35 annual return and the different forms which are included. It will also help you prepare for Revenues PAYE modernisation.
Day 2
In the Sage Computerised Payroll training course on day 2 the lessons include getting started using Sage Microplay. You will learn how to set up company information and employee details, how to set up hourly rates and payments to process pay and produce associated reports. The Sage payroll computerised section is highly practical, and you will have the opportunity to carry out extensive ‘real life’ consolidation exercises to ensure you fully understand the processes involved. It will also help you prepare for Revenues PAYE modernisation.
There are lots of exercises in both sections, so as you can build on your aptitude for figures and develop your knowledge of Sage Payroll to give you the necessary skill. The course will also help you prepare for Revenues PAYE modernisation.
Sage Quick Pay is one of the leading payroll software applications used in Irish businesses today for processing payroll and wages and producing various financial reports.   
The aim of this payroll training course is to provide clients with the necessary skills and knowledge which will enable trainees to manage their own payroll and allow each client process various reports at month end including P30s, P45's and produce payslips etc.
This payroll training course is ideal for anyone wanting to start-up their own business and take control of their own business finances. In addition, this course will add value to your employability skills and make your CV more attractive to prospective employers.The course is delivered by one of the leading training providers in Tipperary who are based in TCEC on the LIT Campus Thurles which is only an hour from most major towns or cities such as Limerick and Clonmel.
Client Profile:
It is important that each client have basic computer experience and a working knowledge of the keyboard, mouse and be able to switch on and off a PC. Ideally, each client would have access to a computer system where Sage Quick Pay Software is available to maximise learning post training.
Sage Approved Trainer
2upskill work with Island Computers & Training who are approved by Sage Ireland as their perferred training partner in the popular Sage Accounts Software. Island & Sage have partnered in providing certified training courses in their accounts & payroll software Sage Line 50 series and Sage Quickpay. Island provide training in all versions of the software and is an approved SAGE testing centre allowing clients to certify their skills to a recognise level.
Sage 50 Payroll Certification
Exams are taken online and last one hour, so you have the flexibility to choose where and when you take it. This test includes drag and drop scenarios, multiple choice questions and simulations on using Sage 50 Payroll. Sage will email you full details of how to prepare for, access and complete your online exam and become Sage certified...Link to Sage 50 Payroll test application and fees. You would need to be using sage for a bit before you do the exam. Island Computer & Training are an approved test centre and you can book your test through 2upskill or Island.
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Learning Objectives

Course Outline: Introduction Irish Tax System Irish PAYE System Employer Employee PAYE PRSI Overtime Calculation of hours Payslips Reports Calculation of Payroll Month End P30 Year End P35 Employment Law Contract Company Policy ROS System PRSA & Pension