GDPR Training (Data Protection)

Organisations across all categories handle and process information about staff, customers, suppliers and for that reason need to comply with GDPR. So it is important that we the data controllers/processors make sure that we always deal with people’s data in the right way and keep it safe and secure. One of the aims of GDPR is to provide standardised data protection laws across Ireland & the entire EU.

Course Details

(Data Protection) GDPR Training  for  all organisations across County Tipperary

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GDPR Data Protection

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This course is aimed at those involved in the handling of people’s information as part of their day to day role, providing a GDPR overview. Participants will understand the key principles, rights of the data subjects and process to follow under the regulation and what your roles and responsibilities include.

Client Profile - is this information session to you?

This half-day information session is suitable for staff members or business owners, charities, sports organisations or any organisation handling information relating to employees, suppliers, clients, volunteers, or board members (called processing data) as it is the obligation of all organisations small and large to ensure everyone involved in the role of handling peoples (data subjects) information are aware of their responsibilities regarding the processing and storing of peoples information.

A quote from the data protection commission 19th June 2018 

How do you as a data controller ensure compliance with the law?

You must make yourself aware of your data protection responsibilities, in particular, to process personal data fairly. You should ensure that your staff are made aware of their responsibilities through appropriate induction training with refresher training as necessary and the availability of an internal data protection policy that is relevant to the personal data held by you.

Link to the data protection commission website

Learning Objectives

By the end of this GDPR (Data Protection) information session you will be able to: Outline the data protection principles and apply these principles as appropriate Identify ‘personal data’ and ‘special categories of personal data ’ and their processing conditions Outline the rights of individual data subjects found in the GDPR