Customer Service – QQI Level 5

Customer service happens every day whether it is in the home, in the workplace dealing with internal customers or external customers

Course Details

Customer Service QQI Level 5 - 5N0972

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Course Details

Excellent customer service staff provide a professional and courteous service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The perception of success for the customer is dependent on employees "who can adjust themselves to the personalities of the guests".This Customer Service course is suitable for those dealing with both internal or external customers, it can be tailored to your business.

The five-day course is QQI/FETAC Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications will cover all areas of customer service whether you are providing customer support on the phone or dealing with customers face to face. If you are involved in customer service and want to improve your ability to deliver an excellent service to your clients with a view to increasing sales, referrals and promoting a positive brand image, then this is the course for you.

No matter how large or small your business is, good customer service needs be at the centre of your business model if you want continued success. It is vital to provide good customer service to all of your customers, including potential, new and existing customers.

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Delivered in Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre, LIT Campus, Thurles

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Reducing Customer's Fears

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate a range of skills to carry out and understand the purpose and role that customer service has within an organisation.

At the end of this course learners will be able to:

-Understand themselves and how their interactions with others impact on the organisation and on customers by having their skills, knowledge and attitudes assessed

-Have improved self-confidence and enhanced communication skills, which will result in increased self-esteem

-Understand that by being motivated and assertive you can achieve goals that will result in growth and change in both your personal and professional life

-Understand and have the ability to deal with difficult customers in a professional and positive manner