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This consumer law ready training course is delivered by one of the leading providers of training in Tipperary based in TCEC on the LIT Campus which is within one hour of some of the major cities such as Limerick, Kilkenny and Cork aswell as major towns such as Clonmel, Nenagh, Roscrea and Portlaoise.Consumer Law affects all organisations that trade with customers (the end user) either from their shop, office or online and even trade shows or markets.

Course Details

Consumer Law Ready Training Courses for European micro, small and medium-sized companies

First Organisations in Ireland to attend and Complete Consumer Law Ready Training

Consumer Law READY Class of February 2018

Front Row left to right, Eileen Murphy Setanta College, John M Kennedy Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre (LIT), Charlie Mernagh 2UpSkill Tutor, Chloe Williamson Setanta College, Mary Cantwell Electrical Generators & Pump Services Ltd. Back Row Left to Right, PJ Butler Thurles Hardware Ltd, Colm Fitzgibbon Stakelums Hardware Ltd, James O’Sullivan AV Star Systems, Joe Delaney Joe Delaney Lawnmowers, Emma Lacy Horan Automation & Consulting, Antoinette Connolly TQ Electrical Engineering, Kevin Smith Setanta College.

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How does consumer protection law apply to you and your business & who is behind it?

Consumers are entitled to have their rights and interests protected by law. Irish consumer protection law, which is based on a mix of Irish and European legislation, has evolved as a distinct area of law that concentrates on the general protection and promotion of those rights and interests.

Consumer Law Ready is a project (training course) funded by the European Parliament and the European Commission, managed in cooperation with the European Commission. BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation), in a consortium with Eurochambres (The Chamber of commerce in the City of Brussels, Belgium) and UEAPME (the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), is running this training project.

What is Consumer Law Ready?

Consumer Law Ready is a specialist training programme for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), helping them understand and comply with the latest EU and national consumer laws.

Who Should Attend this course?

This consumer law training course is suitable for all business categories as consumer rights apply to all customers who purchase a product or service such as health or beauty, computer & electronics, education or training, industry & agriculture, home & garden, travel & accommodation, automotive and other sectors who transact business with consumers locally or online.

What does the consumer law training cover?

The consumer law training course is composed of five Modules:

  • Pre-contractual information requirements (module 1)
  • Right of withdrawal (module 2)
  • Consumer rights and guarantees (module 3)
  • Unfair commercial practices and contract terms (module 4)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) (module 5)

Does the consumer law training cover domestic or/and cross-border contracts?

The project covers mostly domestic contracts but includes a lot of indications on cross-border contracts.

Does the consumer law course cover online and/or offline trade?

The project covers both online and offline trade.

Approved ConsumerLaw Ready Training Provider

Charlie Mernagh is an approved consumer law ready local trainer who is a director of 2upskill which is one of the leading training providers in Tipperary, based in TCEC on the LIT Campus Thurles which is close to all major cities across Ireland such as Limerick, Kilkenny, Cork and Dublin aswell as major towns such as Nenagh, Clonmel, Portlaoise and Roscrea.

Source of information ConsumerLaw READY website

Consumer success story of the month:

An Irish consumer bought a phone from a trader via an online marketplace. Unfortunately, the phone caught fire while charging and the charger also melted. The consumer contacted the trader who requested that the phone be returned for inspection and repair. The consumer returned the phone but every time he requested an update he was asked for the IMEI number which he doesn’t have. The trader eventually stopped replying to the consumer altogether.

ECC Ireland then pursued the matter through our colleagues at UK ECC who contacted the trader outlining the consumer’s rights under EU Directive 99/44/EC, specifically in relation to faulty/defective goods and the obligation on traders to provide remedies where ‘lack of conformity’ with the contract exists. The trader replied stating that the phone was beyond repair and offered the consumer a different (new model) device as a remedy. source: ECC Ireland

cancellation policy

 Consumer Detriment Study Ireland 2014

(Competition & Consumer Protection Commission Ireland Report 2015)
  • Other Problems - 1%
  • Contract Terms and Conditions Issues - 3%
  • Cancellation Issues - 4%
  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues - 4%
  • Product/Service Delivery/Collection issues - 6%
  • Repair Issues - 6%
  • Deal/Voucher Website Issues -6%
  • Refund Issues -7%
  • Financial Product/Service Issues - 7%
  • False/Misleading/Incorrect Sales Issues - 13%
  • Cost/Pricing issues - 14%
  • Product or Service Fault/Defection - 58%
Full Report - CCPC Website

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Source: European Commission YouTube Channel



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Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop you will be able to; Identity with the rules on pre-contractual information requirements. Recognise the rules on the consumer’s right to withdraw from a distance and off-premises contracts. Give examples of the remedies which traders must provide when they do not conform with the contract. Explain what unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms are. Give examples of alternative dispute resolution and the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform, an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court.