Consultative Selling - QQI Level 6

This is an excellent sales course for experienced or new sales representatives or those who want to gain a recognised qualiofication in selling skills

Course Details

This sales course can be tailored to your organisation's needs and will equip you with the knowledge, skill and competence to conduct professional sales calls using a structured consultative selling approach, whether it is face to face or telephone sales.

The course can also be broken down into different steps of the sales process such as, sales planning, qualifying questions (fact find), features and benefits, closing the sales, follow up...or other parts of the sales steps (a brief meeting to discuss your needs will enable our experts to identify the training need and design the course to your companies specification).

The Certificate in Consultative Selling sales course is delivered over six days if you require a recognised qualification in selling skills leading to a QQI/FETAC Level 6 Certificate in Consultative Selling


Consultative Selling - QQI Level 6

Watch the video preparing for a sales call.

For some excellent tips to improve your sales performance, I recommend you read Sales Professional Generating New Sales Tried and Tested TipsPreparing for your sales call and Build a Sales Process Specific to Your Needs

I would recommend the following book for you to read "Consultative Selling for Professional Services": The Essential Sales Manual for Consultants and Other Trusted Advisers Paperback – 23 Mar 2014 by Richard White (Author), Jean Boles (Designer)

Learn how to sell without being pushy. This book will enable you to develop the mindset that is key to being effective at sales, without abandoning your integrity or your status as a trusted adviser. You will gain insights and easy to implement strategies that will help you win more profitable clients, increase income from existing clients, and feel comfortable with selling. Many professionals see sales as a dirty word, and yet to achieve higher levels of financial success and career progression in the world of professional services, you need to be able to find profitable work for both yourself and your associates. Richard White, the founder of, brings you the essence of 17 years of research and experience that enabled him to build powerful and loyal clients for the IT consulting firm he worked with. Richard has trained and mentored thousands of trusted advisers to be more effective at selling professional services and to enjoy the process! Today he supports the sales growth of clients ranging from small businesses to blue chip organisations.

I would also recommend you read this workbook, "Consultative Selling: A Model for Sales Success: An Introductory Sales Development Program" Paperback – 17 May 2017 by Dan Duffy  (Author)

 This consultative selling sales development workbook contains eight modules and seven building blocks for sales success. Participants will learn about these concepts and develop skills to contribute to their effectiveness as a sales professional.

Dan Duffy's business and management career include having served as Director of Training and Management Development at one of America's fastest growing companies--MicroWarehouse, Inc. Hundreds of sales professionals have benefited from principles outlined in "Consultative Selling."

Learning Objectives

At the end of this programme ;learners will be able to:

• identify and set relevant call objectives, ensure opening statements positively set the stage for the entire call and engage in small talk appropriate for the customer

• assess customer behaviour types quickly and accurately and agree with the customer what needs to be accomplished

• use a variety of questioning and listening techniques to probe for relevant information in order to understand fully the customer’s personal and business requirements

• observe and classify customer behaviour using relevant techniques effectively

• explore potential solutions with the customer while moving to the optimum solution

• use a range of questioning and listening techniques, acknowledge customer objections and seek clarification of the nature of the concern

• demonstrate confidence in the solution proposed, and the benefits to the customer