Nine Essential Steps in Professional Selling

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Nine Essential Steps in Selling

Nine Essential Steps in Professional Selling

Selling is a profession like any other and as a large amount of small business owners that I have worked with state they have had no sales training. In addition to that, they have never even read a sales book.

The following steps are tried and tested and have given the confidence to new sales representatives to focus on the prospect and not what they are going to say next...enjoy

The art of motivating yourself

Essential Team Building Skills

The Art of Motivating Yourself


This is an extract from the book called"Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude" which was written by W Clement Stone. I had the great pleasure of working for W Clement Stones Company for over 32 years and learned motivational techniques first hand from the master.

What is Motivation?

It is the hope or other force which starts an action in an attempt to produce a specific result, that result could be making that call in order to make a sqale or an appointment

Build a Sales Process Specific to You Needs

Sales Steps

Necessary Steps in a Sales Process

Sales Steps

Like all processes sales can only be perfected once we know what needs to get delivered and in what order. The following are necessary steps to follow, but not limited to.

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