Steps in Conducting a Kaizen Event

Once you successfully implement a well executed kaizen event you can make substantial improvements, typical Kaizen events can generate in excess of 30% improvements in areas like efficiency, quality and delivery performance.

What steps should you take in impleminting Kaizen events?

  1. Appoint a champion, preferably someone that is fully empowered, and responsible for the entire event from start to finish
  2. Have a checklist and ensure you communicate Kaizen events with everyone involved
  3. Gain commitment and understanding from management. Failure to get their buy in will lead to poor results that are almost certain to slip back
  4. Ensure that everyone participates and contributes as fully as possible throughout the event
  5. Pre-Event training, the team will need to be trained in identifying and reducing the seven wastes of lean
  6. A good tip would be to take photographs and videos as the event unfolds and for the end result, have a story board showing before and after results is a great way to train and get the but in of teams for new events
  7. Have a Reward and Recognition program for the entire team as this will keep the team focused
  8. Have monthly follow-up meetings with your Kaizen team in order to improve teamwork and communication

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