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Our association with KnowledgeCity has enabled us to spread the gift of knowledge to our clients, providing a better training experience for employees. A free trial is available before you commit to paying your annual fee. For a very affordable fee you have access to over 10,000 online video tutorials in Business Training Skills, Computer Software Training, Safety Compliance Training, as well as a collection of Banking Courses
Sample Overview
This is a small sample of some of the staff training courses available to you during the free trial
Working to Get Hired: This course teaches you how to improve the chances of landing your dream job. By focusing on the secrets of a powerful job search, a winning cover letter, an outstanding resume, and an impressive interview, this workshop teaches you how to make your job search more efficient and effective
Sales Management: A key aspect of business management skills lies in a leader's ability to motivate their staff.  This course not only explores motivational techniques but also provides advanced methods to empower salespeople within your organization. Additionally, this course teaches the importance of meeting your goals and how to make an impact on the market. Also, you'll learn more about the sales process, client relations, brand imaging, and prospecting. 
Professional Selling: This online employee training course covers the basic fundamentals of selling. Some of the concepts covered within the course include the characteristics of a great salesperson and how to gauge buyer personality. Additionally, explore details concerning the selling cycle and closing process, enabling you to improve your closing rates. Not only will you close more sales by course's end, you'll also close sales more efficiently than ever.
Personal Financial Planning: This course is an introduction to personal financial planning and money management. Our emphasis will be on practical, personal financial management concepts and skills. We will examine the many choices we make as we strive to effectively manage both the day-to-day and long-term personal and financial goals.
Intercultural Communication: In this course, you will learn how to successfully communicate with people across diverse cultures. Gain valuable information on effective cultural norms, including topics such as micro-cultures, cocultures, and group communication dynamics. Reflective exercises will help you process the information and concepts discussed in this course.
Time Management: Managing your time remains an important resource for both personal and professional use. Armed with effective time management skills, achieving success becomes far easier. Increasing productivity remains at the heart of time management. The use of organizational strategies, such as time logs, can help add hours back to your day. This online video training course teaches how to recognize and avoid certain time wasters that eat away at your productivity. 
Public Speaking: Learn how to speak confidently in a public presentation. Obtain the skills to prepare and deliver an informative speech, an expository speech based on research, and a persuasive speech. Learn about audience analysis, topic selection, purpose and thesis statements, organizational strategies, speech outlines, use of presentation aids, delivery strategies, and how to overcome speech anxiety.
Customer Service: Industry competition sits at an all-time high in today's business world. With competitors so close in terms of product quality, customer service may shine as your organization's competitive advantage. Excellent customer service produces a steady stream of repeat business and referrals, leading to long-term longevity and success. This online employee training course covers specific techniques to address confrontation and conflict and basic principles to improve customer relationships.
Building Customer Loyalty: Loyalty as a Behavior
Always have just one or two goals you’re focusing on

The key to success in selling, have a sales process and continually develop your skills.  Our tailored training is delivered online and in 1 to 1 to equip you with tried-and-tested skills.

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