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Defining Leadership: Leader as Goal Setter

A Blend of Online Training and Classroom Training  

The introduction of online training created by KnowledgeCity enabled us to spread the gift of knowledge to organisations worldwide, providing a better training experience for employees.
You have the opportunity of paying an annual fee and get access to 1000s of courses where you can study at your own pace. A free trial is available before you commit to paying your annual fee. Currently, KnowledgeCity offers over 10,000 online video tutorials in Business Training Skills, Computer Software Training, Safety Compliance Training, as well as a collection of Banking Courses. For organisations, large or small in search of a more efficient method of training your employees, KnowledgeCity’s online video training has exactly what you’re looking for.
This is a small sample of the HR Training courses available to you for your free trial
Leading an Organization: A key aspect of moving from management to leadership involves facilitating communication. Most organizations possess multiple teams, each with their own priorities and preferences. Therefore, as a team leader, the job of connecting these teams together falls on your shoulders. You will learn about different training styles, team building, and more. As a result of this online training course, you will obtain the business skills necessary to lead a complex organization.
Day-to-Day Leading: Most people envision a great leader as someone who accomplishes fantastic feats of wonder. True leadership, however, isn't about famous speeches or heroic actions, but standard day-to-day circumstances. This online training course breaks down the business skills required to lead successful teams on a daily basis. In many situations, a team's success rests on a leader's ability to break down their overall vision into daily decisions.
Defining Leadership: The word "leader" likely brings to mind images of people who have inspired others to excel. This business skills training course will examine the qualities and characteristics of great leaders. You will learn to not only identify various leadership styles but also how to implement them into your work. As a result of your training, your leadership will become far more effective than it has ever been.
Risk Management: Identifying RisksThe first step in managing risk often lies in identifying it. By identifying events or issues early on, properly preparing for it becomes easier. Failure to identify risks leaves businesses vulnerable. This online employee training program gives employees all the tools to consider every possibility so as to aid in making the correct risk management decision. 
Human Relations in Business: Human relation skills are vital in business. Learn the skills of motivation, communication, leadership, and team building. Become familiar with the processes of conflict management, effective negotiations, and managing change and stress to increase your effectiveness in the workplace.
Coaching Performance: Arguably, a leader's most important tasks revolve around ensuring their team constantly improves. This type of continued improvement requires a lot from the team leader. The leader must possess the ability to analyse individual team members in order to effectively guide them towards success. This course on team training solutions focuses on the specific tools required of the team leader to ensure this level of continued improvement.
HR Management: This human resources course introduces the varying roles and responsibilities of human resources and management. Human resources encompass many important factors that all contribute to the success of an organization. HR departments work primarily in implementing change within an organization and in talent acquisition. This course within our online business training platform introduces the various responsibilities expected from effective human resource management.
Skill Assessment: In this course, you will learn how to identify your unique temperament, recognize your personalized skills and strengths, articulate how you can add individual value to an organization, and set goals for your future.
Creating a Code of Conduct: Intellectual Property
“We recruit for attitude and train for skill,”  ― Atul Gawande

Human Resources Management is an essential part of any organisation. HR managers typically deal with recruitment, remuneration, staff training and development, and employee relations. All major cards from customers around the world are accepted safely through our online payment system Stripe

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