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The introduction of online training created by KnowledgeCity enabled us to spread the gift of knowledge to organisations worldwide, providing a better training experience for employees.
You have the opportunity of paying an annual fee and get access to 1000s of courses where management and staff can study at their own pace. A free trial is available before you commit to paying your annual fee. Currently, KnowledgeCity offers over 10,000 online video tutorials in Business Skills, Computer Software, Safety Compliance, as well as a collection of Banking Courses. For organisations, large or small in search of a more efficient method of training your employees, KnowledgeCity’s online video training has exactly what you’re looking for.
This is a small sample of the management courses available to you for your free trial
Leadership & Supervision: This Leadership and Supervision business management skills course details vital situational leadership and supervision skills. Leadership roles often times dictate the success of an organization. Without effective leadership, a team may crumble. This course will discuss key tasks of a supervisor including, planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling. Additionally, it will also relate these tasks specifically to supervision and situational leadership situations.
Business Management: This course explores issues facing today's business managers. Topics include management theories, finding and developing leaders, measuring and improving customer and employee satisfaction, strategic planning, hiring and training employees, developing workplace teams, and choosing and evaluating suppliers.
Building a Successful Team: This online training course provides an in-depth study into the realities of working together as a team. Teams generally go through several distinct stages of development at their formation. Generally speaking, it takes some time before a group of individuals begins to work together. This online training course provides clear and simple descriptions of how to form an effective team, regardless of the length of the task.
Retail Management: Retail workers make up a large percentage of the American workforce. Stepping into a management position within the retail industry requires dynamic and innovative thinking. This course offers employee training solutions for retail employees currently interested in a management position. It offers a balance between theory and practice in terms of how retail developed in a business context. Additionally, it provides a look at how retail outlets work and apply retail marketing to their business.
Professional Selling: This online employee training course covers the basic fundamentals of selling. Some of the concepts covered within the course include the characteristics of a great salesperson and how to gauge buyer personality. Additionally, explore details concerning the selling cycle and closing process, enabling you to improve your closing rates. Not only will you close more sales by course's end, you'll also close sales more efficiently than ever.
Skill Assessment: In this course, you will learn how to identify your unique temperament, recognize your personalized skills and strengths, articulate how you can add individual value to an organization, and set goals for your future.
Managing Change: Learning Styles
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Get the right management training programme for your personal & career growth. Learn more today, by blending online training with classroom & or one to one training. Tailored to your needs. For learners, a blended learning approach means that they can access training resources outside scheduled face-to-face training sessions. Learners benefit from multiple learning channels and media formats – appealing to all learning styles. All major cards from customers around the world are accepted safely through our online payment system Stripe 
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